Writing Prompts #2: Music

Music is everywhere. It is the wind in the trees; it is someone’s laughter; it is the tiny footsteps of a small child padding down the hallway on a stormy night. Genres range from classical pieces to (terrible!) pop songs on the radio while carpooling the kids to after school activities. For most people, including myself, music is the breath of life. Music is my biggest motivator; I usually like to put on a few of my favorite tracks and clean the house or cook dinner. Music is also great for when I’m sitting down to write. It helps when I am able to tune everything else out and feel like I really accomplished something that day. When I am feeling low on creative juices for the day, it is great for much needed inspiration. As I am writing, it can transport me to different out-of-this-world dimensions where there are no boundaries and nothing exists but me and my words. Are the words just not coming out for you today? Put on some music and give it a go! Here is a list of music writing prompts to get you started.

  • FAVORITE SONGS/ARTISTS: What are your favorite songs? What makes them special? Who performed those songs? Are they an up-tempo or down-tempo? Easy listening or hard and heavy? Do they remind you of a specific time or person in your life?
  • WRITE TO MUSIC: Put on a favorite album and forget everything else going on around you. Don’t think about anything; just feel. Move with the music and try to feel what the performer is trying to convey in the words.
  • WRITE SONG LYRICS: Contrary to popular belief, song writing isn’t as hard as it sounds (except when trying to put it to music). Is there an instrumental song that is a particular favorite of yours? Try to write lyrics to it. Still lost? Follow these steps to writing that perfect son.
  • FAVORITE LYRICS: Have you ever heard lyrics in a song, then tried to decipher their meanings? If you haven’t, then now is a great time to do just that. Pick a song that has meaning to you and write about what you think the lyrics mean. Don’t know the words to your favorite son? Find them on AZ Lyrics.
  • FAVORITE GENRE: What type of music do you normally like to listen to? Are you an all over the board kind of person, like me? Or do you prefer to stick to only one or two kinds of music? What are your go-to genres?
  • WORST GENRE: Time flip this around now and describe your worst genre of music. What type of music, when heard, makes you cringe and grit your teeth? What type of music just grinds your gears? Feel free to rant on this one.

In what ways does music help you feel inspired? Leave your comments below and let me know!

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