Q&A DAY 1: What do I Hope to Gain from This Experience?

During this 30 Day Challenge, I will be answering a series of questions, personal and otherwise. In turn, I hope to only learn more about myself as an individual person. As a person today, I know I have many flaws and many of which make me who I am. However, they are still very detrimental to me and those around me.

What I may gain, on the other hand, I do not know. I may gain a lot, or I may not. At the end of this challenge I will reflect over the next 30 days and my responses to each question. Only then Will I be able to gain anything from the exercise.

I am hoping with the knowledge I gain from myself, I may be able to see my flaws and change any behaviors which are harmful to my well-being. Learning about myself will allow me to reflect and change those parts of me I do not like. This challenge will help me to grow and mature and become the person I am meant to become.

“To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.” ~Nicolaus Copernicus

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Tomorrow’s Question: Q&A Day 2: How do You Deal With Criticism?

Stick around during this 30 Day Challenge and receive a link to the FREE PDF printable version.


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