Q&A Day 5: What is Your Greatest Weakness?

Sometimes in life, our greatest weakness can be used to become our greatest strength. This is very true in my case. My greatest weakness? Focusing more of my time and energy on projects and goals than on those who love and care about me. This is great for my future success in life, but what is success if everything else around me falls apart?

I focus so much on what I want to accomplish to the point of neglect and procrastination of day-to-day mundane tasks: dishes, that mountain of laundry and sometimes even my hygiene. There have been times where I go days without a shower, all because I just needed to finish what was in front of me.

I have let important relationships fall to the wayside all because I let myself get so engrossed in whatever happens to have my attention at the time. Family, friends and other loved ones felt betrayed because the times I had said I would be there for them, I was elsewhere, trying to do something in my life that gave me a purpose. The saddest part? Most of those relationships had perished for no other reason than my own selfishness.

I have allowed myself to become reclusive and lonely as I have pursued my life’s biggest dreams and passions. I guess this is the price some of us have to pay in order to have success. Success is a great dream to strive for, but not if everything else in life gets tossed away like yesterday’s trash.

I wouldn’t call it a sacrifice; I wouldn’t call it healthy either. Maybe I can call it being too idealistic, impractical, even self-centered. Whatever words I choose to associate it with, sometimes I realize that I just need to slow down in life and focus on the moment. Be in the present. Be here, now.

“Sometimes your greatest strength can emerge as a weakness if the context changes.” ~Harsha Bhogle

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