Q&A Day 6: What is Your Greatest Strength?

Energetic. Charismatic. Idealistic. Focused. Wise beyond my years. Passionate. Loyal. Honest to a fault. Forgiving. My strengths are a number of things, but my greatest strength isn’t just any one main thing, but many of my strengths put together. Altruism. I have had many strong feelings towards such efforts since I was a young child.

I remember being 10 years old and meeting a young homeless man near where I lived. I would spend my weekends talking to him and listening to his many stories. One day I begged my mom to make him some food (even though we had so little ourselves) so we could bring it to him. Unfortunately, by the time my family brought it to him, he was gone. I never saw him again. I later found out that he was killed in a hit and run. I was devastated.

Many years had passed and I officially become an adult citizen, free to do whatever and whenever. I had forgotten about that homeless man and the meal he never received. I spent a lot of time since then only focusing on myself. My problems, my relationships, my future, me, me, me.

Moving from place to place with no real place to call home, I eventually became homeless myself. For months, I lived in my car. No bed to sleep in. No hot food to eat. No way to even shower. I was shunned from my own family and wasn’t allowed contact with them.

I got a low paying job which is where I found some roommates. This only lasted for a few months, however. In my efforts to try and help a close friend, I got myself into a rut once again due to my own greediness. Thinking of my own self, I lost my job and my roommates kicked me out of their apartment. With nothing else to do, I went homeless again.

I would do everything I thought possible in order to help out someone else, but only ended up getting myself into financial trouble or homeless again. This same pattern went on for several more years, and only until a few years ago was I finally able to break myself out of that never-ending cycle.

My altruistic nature along with my passion and idealism, kept me from realizing that I don’t have to save the world in this way. I am like those people who will adopt any stray animals in order to make sure they have a safe and loving home. The difference in my case, though, is with human people. I allowed those close friendships to affect my personal life along with my financial freedom. They used me and in the end there wasn’t anyone else to blame but myself.

As I look back on all the hardships I have experienced, I still wouldn’t change what I have done for countless others when they needed someone to be there for them. I believe I am a better person today for giving when I had nothing else to give except my compassion.

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” ~Albert Schweitzer

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