Q&A Day 8: What is Your Biggest ‘What If’?

What if? So much has been wasted on those two words.

What if I had a great childhood? What if I went to college and got a degree? What if I never quit my high paying job to stay home? What kind of person would I be today if my life choices had been different?

Everyone has a ‘what if’ story. Here is mine.

At the end of the day, I am still the same person I have been my whole life; making alternate life decisions wouldn’t change that. Likewise, my ‘what if’ is painfully simple: What if I had been financially responsible? Would I have been able to live comfortably? Maybe bought a house? Retired early and lived out the rest of my days in a foreign land? Possibly all of those things and more. Unfortunately, my life hasn’t turned out quite like the fairy tale ending most people can only hope for.

Even if I did everything in my life “the right way”, I would not be sitting here today and doing exactly what I am doing right now. Certainly, I would know how to make better choices and I would do things a bit differently. However, I am who I am today because of the chances and risks I had taken. It has been a bumpy ride with lots of dead ends, but I wouldn’t do anything differently. I still have many years left on this earth, and still many chances to get my happily ever after.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” ~George Eliot

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