Simple Ways to Meet Your Goals

Happy (belated) New Year! Welcome to 2016.

Most of you by now are making resolutions and (hopefully) following through. Resolutions are a great way to bring needed change into your life. Transformation can be great, but only if you stick it out until the very end. The trick to making it work is simple; small realistic alterations to your life that help back up your objectives in order to achieve them.

For example, most people say they want to lose weight. Realistically, this can’t happen overnight so we make small changes to our diets and add some exercise to our routines. As dreadful as it may sound, being active and drinking plenty of water are the main things that help boost our metabolism.

Metabolism is the bodies break down of essential nutrients found in the foods we eat. These nutrients are then carried throughout our bodies and used as energy for our various activities throughout the day. Everyone’s metabolism is different. Some people have a very slow metabolism, some vice versa. Genetics can play a role in the efficiency of metabolism. Thanks to Bob Greene and his book Get with the Program (check the link at the bottom of this page)I could write a whole volume on how metabolism works and what we can do to lose weight. Metabolism is long process with many phases. The first step in metabolism is we must receive the nutrients; for most of us, it’s by eating. The food then goes to our stomach where acids help break down the food for the digestion process. During digestion, nutrients and minerals are carried from the intestines and to the blood stream where they are either discarded or transferred into sugars, fats or waste.

Just like how our bodies use metabolism as an energy source, our goals can be explained in somewhat the same manner. In order for us to change, we need to look and see what the different areas of our lives are and see where we need to balance ourselves. We select our goals according to how we want others to see us in the future. The objectives are then broken into smaller ones that be easily achieved. In order to make consistent change happen, we must continue to make small goals that can be accomplished through simple effort done each day.

What are your plans for 2016? What small things can you start doing today to make them achievable? I would love to hear what you have to say! Leave a comment and be sure to share this post with friends.

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