Writing Prompts #3: Travel

We all have that one dream vacation, where we are free to leave our worries behind and just escape: The Caribbean, a foreign land somewhere in Europe, maybe even inside the U.S. Wherever the location, I’m sure visions of peaceful relaxation come to mind when you think of slipping away, preferably unnoticed. Whichever way you choose to spend your vacation, be sure to enjoy every minute of it.

When writing, I take a mental stay-cation. I take a minute to allow my mind to wander, mostly places like a jungle or other heavily secluded area. This helps me to relax so I can get back into the groove of whatever it is I may be working on at the time.

Need to take a quick break for a 10-minute breather? Here are some writing prompts to help you get focused and back to where you need to be.

  • DREAM VACATION: What is your dream vacation? What is the one place you have always wanted to visit? What do you like about this particular vacation spot? Do the native people speak another language? If so, do you plan to become fluent in this language? What else can you tell me about your dream vacation?
  • FAVORITE GETAWAY: What destinations have you traveled to so far? Which one was your favorite? Who did you take with you? What did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it? Would you go again?
  • HONEYMOON: Where was your honeymoon travel spot? If you haven’t had a honeymoon, where would you like to go? What kind of place is it? How long did you stay?
  • FAMILY HERITAGE: Where do you ancestors come from? Plan a vacation geared learning more about where you came from.
  • HUMANITARIANISM: Many third world countries are much less fortunate than those in more industrialized countries, i.e. the U.S. Plan a visit one of those countries and prepare to do some volunteer work. The natives in the area get to benefit from your help, and you get to feel good about yourself.
  • HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS: I admit; I’ve got a fascination when it comes to the paranormal stuff. TV shows like Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Sate tend to pique my interests. If you are anything like me, plan a road trip, stopping at any haunted attractions along the way. Or if you prefer things to be a little milder, the U.S. national parks are my second best choice.

What traveling have you done? Comment your stories below and be sure to share this with friends and family!

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Writing Prompts #2: Music

Music is everywhere. It is the wind in the trees; it is someone’s laughter; it is the tiny footsteps of a small child padding down the hallway on a stormy night. Genres range from classical pieces to (terrible!) pop songs on the radio while carpooling the kids to after school activities. For most people, including myself, music is the breath of life. Music is my biggest motivator; I usually like to put on a few of my favorite tracks and clean the house or cook dinner. Music is also great for when I’m sitting down to write. It helps when I am able to tune everything else out and feel like I really accomplished something that day. When I am feeling low on creative juices for the day, it is great for much needed inspiration. As I am writing, it can transport me to different out-of-this-world dimensions where there are no boundaries and nothing exists but me and my words. Are the words just not coming out for you today? Put on some music and give it a go! Here is a list of music writing prompts to get you started.

  • FAVORITE SONGS/ARTISTS: What are your favorite songs? What makes them special? Who performed those songs? Are they an up-tempo or down-tempo? Easy listening or hard and heavy? Do they remind you of a specific time or person in your life?
  • WRITE TO MUSIC: Put on a favorite album and forget everything else going on around you. Don’t think about anything; just feel. Move with the music and try to feel what the performer is trying to convey in the words.
  • WRITE SONG LYRICS: Contrary to popular belief, song writing isn’t as hard as it sounds (except when trying to put it to music). Is there an instrumental song that is a particular favorite of yours? Try to write lyrics to it. Still lost? Follow these steps to writing that perfect son.
  • FAVORITE LYRICS: Have you ever heard lyrics in a song, then tried to decipher their meanings? If you haven’t, then now is a great time to do just that. Pick a song that has meaning to you and write about what you think the lyrics mean. Don’t know the words to your favorite son? Find them on AZ Lyrics.
  • FAVORITE GENRE: What type of music do you normally like to listen to? Are you an all over the board kind of person, like me? Or do you prefer to stick to only one or two kinds of music? What are your go-to genres?
  • WORST GENRE: Time flip this around now and describe your worst genre of music. What type of music, when heard, makes you cringe and grit your teeth? What type of music just grinds your gears? Feel free to rant on this one.

In what ways does music help you feel inspired? Leave your comments below and let me know!

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Writing Prompts #1: Everything A to Z

As a writer, I find it hard sometimes to come up with the right words. In list writing you don’t have to because everything is short and sweet. No need for fancy-shmancy big words: Milk, check; bread, check; eggs, check. I’m a habitual list maker; and until something is in writing, everything just looks like jumbled chaos inside my head. If I take a trip to the store without a list, I know I’m in trouble. I end up coming home, only to go back later because I had forgotten something the first time. With four kids in tow, this is not an easy task. Lists save my time and sanity. They may not understand now, but my family will thank me later.

I like to get creative with my list writing, especially when I’m making something to go inside my art journal. One of my favorite types of lists are A to Z. They can be on a multitude of subjects and if you ever get bored, just make an A to Z list of lists. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • FAVORITE FOOD: What are you favorite foods? Favorite cuisines? you could also write down things you would like to try or recipes you have found. Another suggestion is an A to Z list of chefs; national and international.
  • A TO Z ROAD TRIP: By now most everyone has played the Licence Plate Game or has at least heard of it. In lieu of something that can become repetitive and maybe even monotonous, plan a road trip to with cities/towns that follow the alphabet. To make it more challenging start with Z. Even if you don’t go, it would still be fun to do research on each city and learn about different types of people. You never know, you may want to move to one of them one day. You may choose to make a European list as well.
  • MISSION STATEMENT: Write your life’s mission statement in ABC format. Where do you want to be when you look back and think of where it all started? Who do you want kids to grow up to be like? What are the backbones to your happiness? Well being? Sanity?
  • PLACES IN YOUR HOMETOWN: Where do you like to hang out? Where are you most likely to be seen or doing? Who are you with? Do you have secret places you like to sneak off to that no one else knows about?
  • WRITERS & ARTISTS: If you are a writer or artist, who do admire? What works are they known for? You can even write about multiple people and each one can have their own entry. They don’t have to be someone famous; could be someone close to you that you know personally.
  • N.A.M.E.S: Think of the people closest to you and try to come up with acronyms for their names, or even your own name. Write as many as you can think of; make them as weird as you possibly can. Share them or don’t share them. It’s up to you.

Can you come up with any more ways to write an A to Z list? Leave your comments below and be sure to share this with friends.

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